Transformation Workshop

The Delta Stratagem Transformation Workshop

Conducted by Tony Mangione

This five-day workshop shatters the status quo and builds a new culture with new models of thinking and acting that can drive continued, positive change. The workshop unites people across functional and hierarchical levels to share perspectives and a common understanding of what it takes to drive the business to excellence based on a new, more time relevant operating philosophy.

Participants benchmark the state of the business today in order to understand where they need to go in the future. Employees are challenged and coached in an interactive, participatory format as they learn and apply new operational and organizational techniques. Teams work together in hands-on, real-world problem solving and present their findings to the group. By the end the week, the participants are already miles down the road to transformation and prepared to continue the journey.

Day One – Learn to see yourself and how companies got to where they are now

Day Two – Learn to see your company, new parameters in how business is conducted, and the ever changing world

Day Three – Learn to see processes

Day Four – Seeing where you could be and learn how to get there

Day Five – The integration process; the new journey: this is where we are, that’s where we are going, and this is how we will get there.


  • Changes employee attitude and behavior to elevate energy levels and establish a new sense of ownership and passion
  • Remove the fear of change and fear of failure from managers and employees by providing them the skills to become unstoppable
  • Integration of Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Product Development, Human Resources, Quality, Purchasing, and Materials Management into a single-minded, goal-driven team
  • A shared understanding of a contemporary way to manage and work aligned with a flexible market and competition based on speed
  • Participants acquire tools with which they will overcome roadblocks, problems, objections, and become unstoppable during their quest for change