Our Approach

The Delta Stratagem Approach: Inspired by American Lean

“You can’t just tell people what to do. You have to help them understand the ‘why,’ invest in the process and own the change. Each company needs to define its own path and learn how to succeed on its own.”
Tony Mangione, President, Delta Stratagem

Tony developed the Delta Stratagem approach following a 20-year career in Lean transformation at General Motors. He has helped with turnarounds at companies large and small, including Philips N.V. and GE. Tony holds an MBA in Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, an MS in Manufacturing Management and MS in Operations Management from Kettering University. He also created manufacturing-oriented training in the transformational operational excellence methodology through various associations and universities including the University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change, where he lectured as a Senior Fellow.

Tony applies the disciplines and analytical principles of traditional Lean in a uniquely American brand that acknowledges independence, individuality and the entrepreneurial spirit. This synthesis transforms business by forging individual components of organizations into a cohesive force for success. It connects strategy with operational excellence and an integrated multifunctional workforce that transcends departmental structures and organizational levels. “I look at current states as a depiction of what current practices have achieved, with all of its breakdowns and dysfunction. Then lead people to see what’s missing and where they could go, while providing a methodology to get there. The goal isn’t to achieve what’s possible, but to see what one thinks is impossible and then doing it.”