Creating Purpose

The Road to Transition

“You bet Tony’s workshop took me out of my comfort zone. For 12 years, nobody wanted to hear my opinion. By the third day, I started to get it. And so did the bosses.”

If you want to take your business to ever-higher performance levels, Delta Stratagem can take you there. Our multi-vector approach to business transformation inspires people to act collaboratively across traditional boundaries toward a common purpose. And our approach gives them the tools and the courage to convert that inspiration into action.

Our Transformation Workshop shatters the status quo and builds a new culture with new models of thinking and acting that drives continued, positive change. Creativity comes from thinking outside of the box. Rapid transformation kicks the proverbial box right out of the field.

Our on-site Lean Engineering Events coach work teams through applying their own lean methodologies, hands-on in the workplace. Learn more about Transformational Engineering Events.

Our Action and Leadership Team Training replaces lifetimes of stifling hierarchical communications with new strategies and insights for working together as elements in pursuit of the same mission. Learn more about Action and Leadership Team Training.

Our Adjunct Management and other Business Transformation Services are available to bring targeted focus on specific problems that require immediate action where no on-staff expertise exists. Learn more about our Additional Services to Support Business Transformation.

We believe most business transformations fail because they are unidirectional and fail to address the obstacles presented by entrenched business cultures. Our holistic approach disrupts underlying beliefs and long-term behaviors and then points the way through and out of the chaos.