Additional Services to Support Business Transformation

Delta Stratagem offers a variety of services to bring targeted focus on specific challenges affecting the business that require immediate action where no on-staff expertise exists, or additional support is beneficial.

Adjunct Management
Our team of experts can be contracted as a management team to come in to manage the business and make improvements. This approach works well for organizations in transition, in need of extreme change, turnaround situations, or companies in distress.

Strategy Development and Deployment
Delta Stratagem can help develop a strategic plan linked to the voice and the needs of the customer and, at times, a managing the customer plan. Policy deployment is then used to cascade that plan to the point of impact, where the work gets done. We’ll provide a usable roadmap that management and all team members can live with and through on a daily journey to success-a living and driving process aimed at breakthrough.

Delta Stratagem provides coaching programs for ongoing support. Coaching is done on a one-on-one basis with managers or leaders who need additional development. Goals are established at the beginning of a coaching program and evaluated throughout the agreed upon time. A typical coaching program is scheduled for 4-6 weeks, as needed.

Needs Assessment/Audit
Our team of experts is available to do an initial organizational needs assessment or lean audit to review the current state of an organization, and offer recommendations for future lean improvements. This approach provides immediate feedback and recommendations for a new vision and strategic approach toward organizational transformation.