Action and Leadership Team Training

With rapid transformation comes the need to replace lifetimes of stifling hierarchical communications with new strategies, new methods, and insights for working together in pursuit of the company’s mission.

On one side of the equation, openness and participation requires trust. On the other side, unbridled passions can lead to conflict. Leaders and employees alike will bring different needs, personal styles, strengths and challenges to the party. Delta Stratagem’s Action and Leadership Team training fosters better working dynamics enhance creative thinking and increase the velocity of change.

Through training, facilitation, and coaching, we create Action Teams: cross-functional, self-managed groups of employees. Part of the training is about employees understanding their own behavior and that of others. They learn the fundamentals of working as a team by building trust, solving problems and improving communication. By learning to focus on what they can control during change, team members build the initiative to take action.

In this new, collaborative culture, leaders need to motivate, engage and develop employees to build self-directed teams that get better results. Our Leadership Team training focuses first on building a strong leadership team that can drive the organization forward through change. Facilitation and coaching helps leaders learn to coach and guide, engage and support. It’s more than just skill building: experiential activities, real examples and hands-on application.

With these interpersonal-communications based trainings, people can:

  • Remove fear of change, and fear of failure
  • Identify and respond to different styles of communication
  • Understand different reactions to change
  • Adapt to the communication style of others on the team
  • Identify strengths and challenges of their working teams
  • Develop strategies for improved teamwork
  • Build a culture of trust and support
  • Accelerates continuous improvement
  • Improves performance and profitability
  • Apply team concepts to real workplace examples